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  • About Us | Dbeat

    1/1 D BEAT was born from the meeting of two passions, two styles, two Deejay and from great love for music in all its expressions. It is the fusion of digital with analogic music that gives birth to some kind of harmony and to a unique style. It was this big passion for music that back in 2015 during a private party led Francesco alias MR. SKIN and Giuseppe alias DOUBLE P, to the birth of D BEAT. Francesco Schinocca (Aka MR. SKIN) born 1982 has taken his old vinyl records with him. These records were first played in 1998 in different clubs of Catania, Sicily where he could take his first steps and work his way up the ladder with many years' hard work with holiday resorts, private parties, the cooperation with a Sicilian radio station and even support "bigs" in international House music. Giuseppe Panicara (Aka DOUBLE P) born 1986 developed an early passion for music. Since the age of twelve his ideas were very clear. He wanted to promote and develop his music. With great commitment he could get closer and closer to digital style by mastering every kind of software and trying to convey his passion to all the people who listen to his music. His main inspiration was the House music played by different important DJ's of the international music scene. Their different stories cross in Bologna where they meet at a private party. There was born the idea of ​​combining different styles that blend digital and analogue music, giving life to a new musical concept that includes different shades of house music: Deep, Soulful, Chicago House and Tech House. The beginnings see them as protagonists in Bologna in well-known clubs such as Let's Go, DOC, Cabala Cafè, Roxy Bar, just to name a few. The public appreciates the musical product offered by D BEAT and so in 2018 they decide to undertake the path of production that gives life to their first musical project called “Closer”. ​ They sign a contract with the Lowly Palace Records of Los Angeles, and are dedicated to making a new album of only House Music. So in 2020 two EPs are released, one in July with the Spanish record label "Sandy Records" entitled "This is it" and in November with Kleos Recordings (CEO & Founder Pierpaolo Bonelli) entitled "Feel it". ​ Also in 2020 they become part of a great musical project within Crop of Music Radio (CEO and Founder Cristian Farfa), an international web radio based in Ibiza in which, still today, their songs pass inside of the “Nasty Juice Radio Show” schedule (CEO and Founder Davide Catania) every Thursday from 09:00PM to 10:00PM together with other important DJs. ​ Passion, commitment and perseverance: it is thanks to these values ​​that D BEAT project has officially entered the music market "of the bigs". The signing with Trax Records, the historic record House label, based in Chicago, Illinois (which has product for world famous DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, Ralphi Rosario, Mr. Fingers), is the confirmation that D BEAT has great growth prospects. The first productions with the new label are two singles, "Inside Me" and "Pump It" 1/1

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